16 Jan 2011

Write right!

If you're quite new to making money line, you'll have sussed by now that this, in itself, is no mean feat.
As well as being constantly told: "The Money Is In The List", and trying to find that one 'zero start-up' program that's going to make you gazillion$ overnight on auto-pilot, you're constantly being dragged into The Valley of Distraction as you try to surf for credits or read *SOLO* e-mails.
None of this is conducive to building your online empire which, you are reliably being told, will enable you to "Fire Your Boss" in xxx months.
Even though you know you have the power to do so, if only you could get the whole shooting match and caboodle kick-started, it still eludes you!
If you have stumbled on this blog (or have been sent the link to it), there's a good chance that you will have read a thousand splash pages or opened even more e-mails before you arrived here.
I know - I have been there myself.
Very often, as I tried to convince myself that beating the timer was a game of skill that would eventually lead me to that first sale (and the inevitable avalanche thereafter), I felt like the monkey with the infamous typewriter who would, after several millennia, come up with a script akin to one of The Bard's greatest tragedies or, indeed, that most fictitious of works, The Highly Bobble itself.
Sorry, to the point of this blog:
Three things have struck me, as I've been picking the fleas from my scalp whilst waiting for matching spaceships and friendly dragons to embellish me with bonus peanuts, sorry, banner/text ad/mailing credits:-
  1. Am I enjoying this, really: NO! Possibly because, as all of the decent guys in the IM world will tell you (whilst genuinely NOT trying to sell you something): you have to find the niche that you (at least) have some knowledge of to succeed in and, even better, enjoy working within its parameters!
  2. When did the schools of the world join forces and stop teaching English?  Of the 1,000's of e-mails we read, even Splash-pages that people have deliberated upon, no doubt for hours following the design forms that the creators have provided to make their traffic-generating tool eye-catching, we could probably count on one hand the total number that are 100% grammatically correct!
  3. Nothing is more likely to instantly lose my interest (how many times do you see 'loose' in the subtext of an article [i.e. 'you have nothing to loose'] instead of lose?  Blimey!)  than a poorly written e-mail, even if the page thereafter rocks.  I get the distinct impression that the person making me the offer has either copied and pasted the draft into their auto-responder without checking it (therefore, if I went to clickbank, I could probably promote it myself) or, as is more likely, they are so desperate to get me to their order page they have not addressed the key steps to getting me there in the first instance.  Either way, my willingness to buy has already been irreversibly suppressed by this initial bad form.
Drawing a conclusion from those points, given that my talent (if you can call it that) is a slightly above-average command of the English language, and the ability to transpose it at a decent rate of knots from perception to web-page, I think I can help at least 95% of people trying to eek out an existence on the web by offering my services as a copy-writer.  Yes, you've read thus far, how darest thee argue, my love?
From this link I offer a tariff of, what I believe, to be very reasonable charges for the services I am willing to offer.
Yes - you can get software that will write your blog for you - but so can everyone else.
I'm 40 and have been selling for 23 years - let me tell you, now (even before the www was invented, and subsequently hereafter - for those under 25, that must be such a difficult concept): people buy from people!
People they are comfortable with, people they feel they can trust, people they have a rapport with, people they can reach!
Okay - you're with a safe list, right?  Say, your EZ ads.  You open that folder, after 3 days, there's 540 emails.  What is going to make your ad stand out from the 539 others?  Don't forget, these random members that you've sent your ad to are going to be faced with the exact same mountain of e-mails to click through as you!
You have about 3 seconds to make a difference - self-writing software won't do that for you!  Your ad will be just the same as everyone else using the same free software.
You have to put some YOU into it.
You may have the highest converting product out there, but thousands of surfers, with a similar mindset as mine, will never take your offer seriously because you've let yourself down in the first instance!
Fill in the contact form, through this link,to send me your writing query.