1 Sep 2011

Is Working Online Right For Me?

Making Money On Line
More than ninety percent of people who try to make money online fail before they’ve earned a penny.
There are many reasons, but the most prevalent ones are obvious, when you stop to think about; unfortunately, most don’t.
Prospective internet entrepreneurs rush into the concept without due thought.  And, in all probability, for the wrong reasons; debt is not a good reason to look to the 'net as a quick fix to your financial situation. 
Making money online should be approached like any other business, because that’s what it is, your business.  You have to budget for running costs, monthly outgoings, time-input, research and possibly a sales team to pay!
People get too easily disheartened by others who claim to have made thousands of dollars in a week, which, in turn, fills their own minds full of negatives.
This encourages a knee-jerk reaction, tempting the budding entrepreneur to throw good money after ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes – don’t do it!  The only person getting wealthy off the back of such campaigns is the inventor of the concept; guaranteed, he/she will not be the person trying to sell it to you.
Those are some reasons why people fail.  So, how does one succeed?
The absolute maxim, to begin with, is: stick to what you know.  
A prospective client will more likely believe in you and, more importantly, part with their hard earned cash if your sales pitch is based upon solid fact, backed up by experience.  Believe me, it will set you apart from the crowd (and there is not just a crowd seeking prosperity on line, there are legions!).
If you don’t think you know enough about anything to take it to the web and sell it, and you want to learn from scratch, great, good for you.  But, before you embark on this arduous journey and take your new-found knowledge to the www, ensure you’re au fait with all aspects – there is always someone looking to challenge ideas and eliminate the competition.
You will amaze yourself with subjects you do know about.  From baby-sitting pets to running a local football team, or price-comparing your shopping on line to your own exercise regime – someone, somewhere will be browsing that topic.
Don't believe me?  Write down every different thing you’ve done today and put each one into your search engine – see how many millions of results match!  Do it NOW!!!
What you have just learned about is traffic.  The number of (potential) customers looking at what can offer.  And that is truly the key to becoming a successful on line sales executive – traffic!  Attracting people to your site.
Think about this: if you were setting up your first small business off line, would you pay top-dollar rent on the high street?  Or, more cautiously aim for smaller premises and try to divert the high street traffic to your shop?
If you have a great product, and you place enough markers along the roadside, people will find you.  Yes, this takes time and effort; but without the groundwork, your dream will never become reality.
So, how do we get our message to the masses?  Through advertising and word of mouth, as with any other form of business.  
Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.  Tools for the internet are no different.
But do not be tempted to dive in - shop around for your essentials, like web-hosting (somewhere for your 'premises'), advertising and web copy.  Prices can vary dramatically and getting burnt is a sure-fire way of dampening your enthusiasm at the outset.
If you are seriously strapped for start-up cash, here are genuinely good free tools to help you support and promote your budding online business:-
·         Web-hostingweebly.com – great for beginners and allows two free websites
·         Auto-responderlistwire.com – free automated e-mail sender
·         Twitter – twitter.com – follow trends and people of your choosing
·         Traffic ExchangesStartXchange.com – mutual advertising for online businesses
Web Copy - your 'shop window' is your website or blog, which should be immaculate.  People very rarely go into an outlet if the front of store is a disaster.

So, is making money online easy? No, but not as complicated or daunting as you may initially think.

With a sound mindset, proper planning, frugal budgeting and accepting that you will not get rich overnight, you will make money on line.