2 Oct 2011

Shameless Self Promotion for Professional Writer

Okay – after several months in the wilderness, I am now back in the driving seat promoting my online presence.

Now that I have been commissioned, have completed and subsequently been paid and received 5-star feed-back for several writing projects, I guess I can now truly call myself a professional writer.

My most recent accolade is having a paid e-mail campaign successfully completed on oDesk.
The money is obviously great, but, in one’s fledgling career as a writer, reputation is perhaps more important.  The fact that this contractor scored me a maximum of five in all five categories, and his subsequent comments, justified the time, effort, research and detail I incorporated into this project.

In conjunction with this initial successes, my own writing website www.wwwriteright.co.uk is now taking shape, too, with the focus on long-term relationships rather than one-off writing jobs  Although, that's not saying that I can't offer a similar service to other 'quick-turnaround blogging services, work-load depending, and with an amazing first 500-word article for a knock-down $29.95, you'd have to be a bit daft not to try me first.

www.wwwriteright.co.uk is a no-fuss website, inviting individuals and businesses alike to approach me directly to write their articles or web-site copy or off-line content for them.
I have simplified the process by including options from a pre-set ‘drop-down’ form so that a potential employer can inform me in advance of the type of article they are looking for, such as type of article, target market, nature of (own) business, whether the article needs to be SEO sensitive or if the requirement is for me to write as their Ghost-write, etc.
This information is critical to get right from the outset, in order to price the job correctly and get it write first time.

Of course, my heart still belongs to fiction (especially of the supernatural and horror genres) and poetry, and the option is there for publishers to approach me to scribe pieces of this nature, too.  Although, I do appreciate, that they are not likely to come to me; I will have to go to them.

I still believe, and will to my dying day, that the art of writing is much more than a craft; it is a God-given talent.  One can learn the basics of syntax and form and structure, but the ability to transpose your, or someone else’s, thoughts into captivating words is, I’m convinced, an inherent skill that cannot be taught.  It can be honed with practise, and thank you for all of you giving me the opportunity to write for you to do that, but you have to have that spark within you from the outset.

So, if you need your article scribing by someone who was born with that aptitude in abundance, be sure to visit me at oDesk through any of the links, below, or directly through wwwriteright.co.uk; I look forward to seeing you there!

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